Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Measurements

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Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Measurements

  • Leidėjas: VGTU leidykla Technika
  • Išleidimo metai: 2007
  • Formatas: 16x21, minkšti viršeliai
  • Puslapių skaičius: 221
  • ISBN ar kodas: 9789955282181

2020-07-31 2.49 InStock
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This book "Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Measurements" will introduce the reader to the measurement science and the main definitions of metrology. General features of measurement, measuring instruments and the main problems of legal metrology will also be discussed.

The most important names and definitions used in metrology, principles of its creation and properties as well as measurement units of physical quantity are discussed in this book. General knowledge about the theory of measurement errors and uncertainties and handling of measurement results are represented. Primary standards of basic SI system’s units, widely used working standards of electrical quantities are described. General principles of creating measuring instruments and major metrological properties are also analyzed and the main problems of legal metrology are considered.

This book is intended for students of universities of technology, who study the subjects of electrical or electronic measurement. It can also be useful to other graduate students and specialists who study the problems of measurement and are interested in metrology.

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