A Litvak Saga (Selected Works in 5 Volumes in Russian language)


A Litvak Saga (Selected Works in 5 Volumes in Russian language)

  • Leidėjas: Tyto alba
  • Išleidimo metai: 2014
  • ISBN ar kodas: GK5VOLUMES

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A Litvak Saga by Grigori Kanovich

Grigori Kanovich (b. 1929) brings to life the lost world
of Lithuanian Jewry. With the pen of a poet and the voice of a prophet he
presents his Selected Works to be released in Russian and Lithuanian in five
volumes, which contain novels, stories, and essays written over the past forty
years. Together they form an epic Litvak saga recounted by a wise and
compassionate author. Kanovich was renowned as the most "Jewish"
writer in the Russian language during the Soviet era. A leader of the Jewish
revival in Lithuania during the last years of the Soviet Union, Grigori
Kanovich, 84, now lives in Israel.

Vol 1

Dream about the Jerusalem That is No More

Candles in the Wind

Vol 2

Tears and Prayers of Fools

No Heaven for Slaves

  Vol 3

A Little Goat for Two Zuzim

Smile on us, Lord

Vol 4

Faces in the Dark

Merchant of Dreams

Park of the Jews

A Cloud Called Lithuania 

  Vol 5


A Love Song for Shtetl  

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